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Alta Paper embossing
Alta Paper embossing

We have tested the Alta embossed clamp for you. Very fine work, since we have used a measure of just 30 x 20 mm, that can be characterized by the way, very nice on the back of envelopes. Design your own logo or use one of 48 different templates. You only need to specify your text.

Alta Stamping Pliers: Solid metal design with Wenge wood.


Since time immemorial offers embossing an elegant way from the ordinary
literally stand out noticeably. For embossing and shadows produced by light reflections and refined elegance are not only visible but also tangible.
It´s a perfect craftsmanship, timeless design and excellent workmanship.

The exclusive way, letterhead, envelopes, books, photographs, maps and  other things to give a unique touch.

In addition to for a completestamping form (up to 40 mm in diameter) and rectangular (50 x 20 mm) stamping the form you have a variety of sentence templates to choose to view in advance as a PDF download.

Alta embossed clamp different sentence patterns
Alta Papierprägezange Satzmuster.pdf
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