Fountain Pen Art Déco Unique

The unique pen with selected precious materials such as steel, blued, mammoth ivory and snake wood emphasize the aesthetic consciousness of its owner for the exclusive. These versions are only available as a fountain pen.
M and B nib

Mammoth ivory

Fountain Pen mammoth ivory
Fountain Pen mammoth ivory trimm ring

Mammoth ivory is the oldest material of art and cultural history. Even the Ice Age people made ​​tools made ​​of mammoth tusks, jewelry and figurines.
Mammoth ivory is safe in the short summer months in Siberia and Yakutia in the permafrost. The age is at least circa 10.000 years.

Blue steel

Fountain Pen blued steel
Fountain Pen blue steel trimm ring

The steel parts are heated slowly and carefully to about 300 ° C (annealed). The metal becomes covered it with a cornflower-blue shimmering layer of magnetite (Fe3O4). The bluing is used in the watch manufacturing for refinement (Finnisierung) of plant parts, especially of screws as well as watch hands. We interrupt the process of creating the colors blue to red, so there is always some kind.


Fountain Pen snakeroot made in germany
Fountain Pen snakeroot trimm ring

Snakewood (Piratinera Guianese) comes mainly from Surinam and Guyana, but comes before the entire northern coast of South America to Mexico. Probably the rarest wood in the world. A very difficult material to be processed.

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