Art Déco Set Fountain pen and ballpoint pen

The fountain pen and ballpoint pen come in shiny jet-black precious resin, combined with polished high gloss stainless steel rings.

Fountain pen Art Déco Achim Velte Germany
MONTBLANC Füllfederhalter
Ballpoint pen Art Déco Achim Velte Germany

Fountain pen: The pen and the ink system are a perfectly matched system which in a typical upper-class segment for writing instruments. The grip is equipped with full stainless steel thread, compatible with ink refills and a converter. The large nib can be obtained in the spring sizes F, M, B.


Ballpoint pen: The rotary mechanism out of metal with a pleasant and soft-switching, has a slip clutch to prevent destruction of mechanism through over-twisting. The refill: Pro G2 refill with metal tube stainless steel tip and ceramic ball. Available in blue and black. Very nice and smooth writing performance.
Manufacture Made in Germany

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