Fountain Pen Art Deco bicolor rose-gold plated

The fountain pen comes in shiny deep black precious resin, combined with polished stainless steel rings and is rosé-gold plated. Logo and solid clip quality: rhodium-coated. The pen and ink control system are a perfect matched system that is used in the upper-class fountain pens. The grip is equipped with full stainless steel thread, compatible with ink cartridges and a converter. The large stainless steel nib is iridium point bicolor rosé-gold plated, available in the spring sizes M and B.


MONTBLANC Füllfederhalter
Nib-bicolor rosé

Dimensions: length 144 mm with closed cap.

Length with the transposed cap 170 mm.
Length without cap 135 mm.
Weight: Total Weight 33.5 g.
Weight without Cap 22.2 g.
Diameter: 15.6 mm

15 mm shaft diameter.

Mont blanc Fountainpen
Fountain pen Maea rosé
MONT BLANC Fountainpen
Fountain pen Maea rosé
Symbol Fountainpen
Ornament Wave and Maea
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